The DUPR Coach, powered by the DUPR Global Skills Program and My Pickleball Coach, equips coaches with an automated online tool to dynamically assess and generate skill-based DUPR Ratings for players via their mobile phones. Join DUPR Coaches like Collin Johns, John Cincola, Jordan Briones, Zane Navratil, and Martina Kochli as they create DUPRs for millions of players worldwide.

As players improve, their commitment to the game grows. With the DUPR Coach certification, coaches can effortlessly create DUPRs for new players through the My Pickleball Coach Skills platform. Utilizing their mobile phones, coaches can capture game film and instantly generate DUPRs for players. Once certified, coaches can earn additional revenue streams by advancing players' skills.

Get Certified

The DUPR Coach, powered by the DUPR Global Skills Program and My Pickleball Coach, is an innovative tool designed for coaches. It provides an automated online platform to dynamically assess players' skills, enabling the creation of skill-based DUPR Ratings directly from their mobile phones. This software certification empowers coaches to efficiently evaluate players' abilities and generate their initial DUPRs. As a DUPR Coach, coaches can seamlessly create hundreds of thousands of DUPRs, streamlining the rating process and enhancing player development.

Becoming a DUPR Coach provides a range of benefits for your coaching business, including:
- Attracting new members/clients-
- Converting guests into members/clients
- Retaining existing members/clients- Generating additional coaching and product revenue
- Fostering a sense of belonging to the sport and building affinity towards you and your coaches

The certification offers a comprehensive package of benefits, including:
- Exclusive training & access to the My Pickleball Coach skills platform
- Official certification & recognition
- Ability to run & utilize Assessment Event programming, including the DUPR - Provisional Assessment
- Client Skills Dashboard
- Membership to the My Pickleball Coach Advisory Board
- Personalized coach-specific client offerings
- Access to Coach Roam feature
- And much more!

The certification is designed for pickleball coaches, facilities, and clubs aiming to enhance their players' skills and expand their coaching business. Whether you're a professional coach, representing a facility/club, coaching at a recreational level, or providing online coaching services, this certification is tailored to meet your needs and elevate your coaching abilities.

The certification fee is $200 annually. If you have any questions or would like more information about the certification, please contact


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